DVI-D 24+1 Dual Link Cable

DVI-D 24+1pin Dual Link
Male to Male (Digital Cable)


DVI-D 24+1pin  Dual Link Male to Male (Digital Cable)

These precision-engineered cables are fully compliant with the DVI standard defined by DDWG (Digital Display Working Group).

Connect a DVI output on your video card to a DVI enabled monitor, LCD/plasma TV or projector.

The DVD-D dual link configuration provides enough bandwidth for resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 and allows high speed digital transmission up to 9.9 Gbps.

Gold-plated contacts provide full conductivity without ghosting and data loss

Supports hot plugging of DVI display devices

Supports digital signal only

True Digital Representation. Not possible with Analogue cables.

Maximum reliability by tripe shielding (2*foil and 1*metal-braid screen) and gold plated pins (10mu)
Purity of copper wire higher than 99.99 %( OFC)
With thumbscrews for easy installation.