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Network CAT5E Stranded Patch Cord

24AWG Copper twisted pairs
6inch Network Patch Cord,
CAT5E Stranded,
Gold Plated,

Connects any CAT5 application such as computer to hub, patch panel or wall jack. This 350MHz CAT5E PVC stranded patch cord meets TIA/EIA 568A specifications, and support all CAT5E and other high speed applications. It has stranded wires for added cable flexibility. (Length: 1ft; Color: Grey) 

Technical Specifications:

  • 24AWG Copper twisted pairs 

  • Suitable for any 10Mbit, 100Mbit network standards up to 1000ft segment runs 

  • 350 Mhz Category 5E, exceed IEEE standards suitable for up to 1Gbit Networks in shorter lengths 

  • Unshielded Twisted pairs (UTP) suitable for most business and home network installations 

  • Cable Category: CM NEC Rated for In-wall installation (Home or business) 

  • EIA/TIA TSB-40A ETL Verified, for Stranded 568B standards 

  • 50u" Gold Plated contacted 

  • RoHS Compliant 

  • UL Listed