USB 2.0 Active Repeater Extension Cable 5m

Built in Signal Booster
Active USB 2.0 Translucent Extension cable
Length: 5m

Boosts Signal For USB 2.0 Devices

Regular USB extension cables will only work upto a maximum of 5m, over this distance the signal drops or is lost. If you require your devices further then 5m then this 5m Active repeater extension cable is the solution. The cable features a built-in repeater that boosts the original signal and allows you to use your USB devices up to 25m away (requires chain of 5 Repeater cables).   


  • Active USB 2.0 Translucent Extension cable

  • USB 2.0 Certified for High Speed Data Transfer rate of up to 480Mbps

  • Built in Signal Booster

  • Cable Length can be extended to 25 Metres by chaining 5 of these active cables together

  • Both Low and High Speed USB devices will function equally well with this extension cable

  • Connections Type A Male to Type A Female

  • Maintains Signal integrity over full length

  • 5 Metres (16 Feet) Long